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Advice Section: Usage FAQ

Photos are probably one of the most important things you can have on your profile - adding one makes it 95% more likel;y other members will mesdage you and reply back to your messages. You can add your photos by going to your homepage (you can click on the homepage link) and then click on 'edit profile' At the top of that page you will be offered the chance to upload up to 3 photos. Make sure you put your best one as the 'main pic'.  Please pay attention to the size of these files as there are upload limits for each one. 

There are 3 main ways you can search for other members. You can either do a 'quick search' which is accessible from the home page, or choose from the left hand buttons and press 'search'. This opens up a more detailed list of search criteria so you can look up people according to an exact match. Also on the home page, there is a 'hot or not' feature which lets you search through members on the site one by one and rate them from 1 to 10. This can be a fun way to search through new people to message.  

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