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Questions in Topic: Searches

There are 2 main ways you can search for members, firstly via the 'Quick Search' feature, which can be found on the top right hand part of the home page, and also via the Advanced Search which you get to by pressing the 'Search' button from the left hand menu. The Quick Search lets you choose age, country and with ot without photos, which the Advanced Search allows you to customise a whole range of variables from Height, Eye Colour, Body Type, Region etc etc etc. 

If you choose 'Hot or Not' link from your home page thats also an interesting way too browse through members and rate them from 1 out of 10 in the process! 

Yes you can - in the advanced search menu - once you have set our your preferred search form just go to the bottom left and you can choose to save it. Next time you are in the search menu go to the bottom right and you can load up that same search form! You can even save multiple search forms. Use CTRL button to mark more then one option in choice fields in Advanced search.

You can use Search for other members by their username. Simply go to the Advanced Search, at the top of each country page there is a box to add that persons username. 

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