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Questions in Topic: Virtual Kisses

By sending a kiss you are kind of flirting with that member and showing you're interested. 

If you view a members profile at the bottom there will be a button saying 'send a kiss' - if you press on that it will open a new window where you can choose the type of kiss you would like to send. 

On your homepage theres a Statistics section where you can see which members have sent you a kiss. Just click the link for the option: 'users who sent me a kiss' to see users list with which kisses they sent.

Yes. You can see this on your homepage stats section where there's a link for "users I sent a kiss". Click it to see a list of users with kisses you sent to them.

You can send as many kisses as you like - only if you're in someone's Black list your kisses won't be delivered.

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