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Questions in Topic: ECards
An e-card is similar to a postcard or greeting card, with the primary difference being that it is created using digital media instead of paper or other traditional materials. ECards can be sent to a recipient, usually via e-mail.

When you are viewing someones profile you can choose 'E-Cards' button and then it will take you through the simple steps to get it to the member in question. Your recipient will get it in his or her insite mailbox and an alert to main email address.

You'll get an alert to your main email address if you someone sends you a card and it is delivered to the inbox on Toyboy Connection.

The Card is sent to a user inner mailbox.
There's a special section that shows you latest ECards, Popular Cards and ECards categories to choose from.
You can browse through special ECards categories. For example: Birthdays, St. Valentine's Day
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