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Questions in Topic: Profile

You can update your profile details and photos from your homepage. Just click on the 'Edit my profile' button on the left hand menu and you'll be able to edit all sections of your profile. Dont forget to press save at the bottom of the page or the changes wont be saved!

You can hide your profile in your account page. There's a special link to do it. Also note, if you hide your profile, it won't show in search for other users but your friends (in your friends list) will be able to view it and contact you.

You can edit your username via the 'edit my profile' button and you can change email address and password from the account settings button - under 'my registration information'

To see your own profile, login and click My profile in the main menu My Profile section. This may not be working right now but we are trying to sort it!

Your profile shows you to other people, and lets face it, most people wont message another person unless they have a photo and bit of information about themselves. We have tried to keep it simple so it wont take more than a few minutes to create your profile and increase your chances of success on the site.  


If you would like to terminate your membership then please just click on the 'contact form' at the bottom of the site and request your profile to be removed. Dont forget to include your username and password and we will delete the profile asap. Bear in mind if you would like to temporarily take your profile off the site without permanantly deleting your profile. To activate this offer, just got to account settings and choose the 'hide my profile' button.

On your home page it will say 'profile completion amount' with a % number next to it, make sure you fill in all the fields in edit profile to acheive a 100% completion result. 

As administrators we have a duty to vet all member profiles and profiles. We will not tollerate any of the following content in member profiles and members not adhering to this will be banned for life. 


  • Abusive language of any kind, including vulgarity, racism, illegal activity, etc.

  • Any direct contact information, including email addresses, URLs, ICQ/instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, full names, addresses, etc.

  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted or trademarked material

  • Business or political advertisements or solicitations

  • Other information or materials that we find to be inappropriate.

  • Users under age of 18 are not accepted for registration.

Your email address, real name and password are kept completely confidential. Members can only see your nick name, photos that you allow to view, your interests and requirements.

For more information, please check our Privacy policy.

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