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Questions in Topic: My Photos

There's no denying it...photos are important. In our experience, men are 14 times more likely to give positive feedback to a profile that includes a photo, and women are 8.5 times more likely to do the same.

It's simple to add photos to your profile. Just got to 'edit my profile' and you can then add up to 3 pics to go in your profile. Just click on 'browse' then pick the photo you want to upload, press save and hey presto it will be there!!

We have created a secure environment for you at Toyboy Connection. That's why every photo that our members submit is checked by our staff and activated to make sure everything's fine. Please make sure you follow the guidelines below:

Some advice:

      A head shot shows you clearly

        Natural light and surrounding.

Don't upload:

      Copyrighted images of any kind.
        Big files that exceed 3MB.

We reserve the right to edit, deactivate or delete innapropriate images. .

Our team usually needs 24 hours to approve and post photos.
Acceptable formats include gif, jpg and jpeg
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