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You can search for people using either the Quick Search or Advanced Search, you can chat in the Chat Room, check your profile stats on who has viewed your profile and tried to contact you. You can also check Online users, use the Instant Messenger, see who's having a birthday today and congratulate them! 

All members can also send Emails, kisses, Rate others in the 'Hot ot Not' application & send e-cards.


Any site member can contact you (unless you have put them on your banned list). When they send an email, the message goes into your website Mailbox - and you can also have a notification sent to your normal email address so you know you have a message.

If you have problems with any members we have a sophisticated way for you to simply and easily report them to the admin team. You can also add members to a block list so all contacts with that member will be prohibited. Just click Add to black list button for this member.

When you block a member, he or she can no longer send you emails, IMs, Kisses, Call or anything else. You can see such users in your Black list and undo the block there too. Just press Remove from Black list link from your Black list listing.

There are different types of contacts on our site and that's why most of the contacts are seen on your home page under profile statistics. You can check users you sent emails to, sent a kiss or viewed their profile. 

You can also check your Hot list for your friends listings & IM alerts on your contacts while you were offline.

You can see all the list of people that have contacted you or viewed your profile by going to your home page and checking your stats. 

You can also check your Hot list for your friends listings, IM alerts on your contacts while you were offline.

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